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Panama City Coffee Shop Employs People With Special Abilities

Posted on - Laura Bernstien

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A small coffee shop is on every corner but Panama City, Florida has something a little different and very special.  Vinny & Bay’s Coffee and Eatery employs those with special abilities.  It is a dream that has become a reality for Madeline Lovejoy and Baylee Hanson, local teenagers who wanted to create a cool hangout spot that provided opportunities for those that often have difficulty finding employment.


The name Vinny & Bay’s Coffee and Eatery was Lovejoy’s idea.  Bay is for her best friend and business partner Baylee Hanson and Vinny is for her friend with autism who was inspires her.  Lovejoy hopes that this coffee shop will encourage other businesses to follow in their footsteps and more professional doors will begin to open for those with special abilities.


Vinny & Bay’s is new, opening at the end of last month. I heard about it a few months ago when it was still just a dream and recently learned that the doors are now open.  I had to go to check it out.  I had an obligatory cup of coffee and a muffin and it was fantastic.  The atmosphere is fun and inviting, but the best part was knowing that I was contributing to what is not only a good business but could be a movement for inclusively.  How perfect is that start to the day?

Vinny & Bay’s Coffee and Eatery

310 Harrison Avenue

Panama City, Florida