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Learn & Play In Nature At The E.O Wilson Biophilia Center

Posted on - Laura Bernstien

Hispanic sisters reading book in summer park

For me, being surrounded by natural elements brings infinite peace of mind. Naturally, nature imprints in all beings, a sense of calmness and beauty through exposure to growing and living things. This promotes the urge for exploration and curiosity. My experience at the E.O Wilson Biophilia Center in Freeport, Florida taught me to observe nature with quietness and patience. Imagination came into play as the kids created special places, with the use of natural elements to make plays and stories.


Friendly And Professional Guides


With dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable adults as our guides, the children and I learned about the importance of being gentle and respecting living things. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that self-esteem can be enhanced by nature because nature. For the younger ones, exposure to nature (especially in the prevailing trend of bullying in the pre-school setting) can bring about a consciousness about the contents of this world and the importance of everything.


My outing with the kids was such an amazing one with enough resources for kids and adults alike. This wonderful place is doing so much for the community with their great expertise in research, education, and conservation. They also took time to host great guest speakers just to make sure we don’t miss out on any form of education. What a perfect place for amazing activities and learning about nature. Last summer at the EO Wilson Biophilia Center, there were so many activities going on. To make a perfect theme for that experience, the pond, the bird aviary, and planetarium were fitted in the natural environment. My kids liked to play on a big portion of mounds outside.


Face-To-Face With Nature


I loved the part where we got to see a snake in its habitat. Although it was a bit scary at first, after some time, the kids and I held the snakes with no fear. We also got to know about all kinds of animals, not to mention the different crafts they designed with their hands that day.


If you subscribe to their email notification system, they will inform you on every activity going on each week (like arts and crafts, demo, etc.). E.O Wilson Biophilia Center is located at 4956 State Highway 20 E. Freeport, Florida 32439.  You can get get directions by calling (850) 835-1824 or going to their website at I recommend spending time at the E.O Wilson Biophilia Center and making it a regular stop.