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Follow that truck: British eatery crosses bridge

Posted on - JAN WADDY

PANAMA CITY BEACH — Jeff and Stacey Temperley of Eat My Pasty are bringing the taste from across the pond to both sides of the Hathaway Bridge with their new food truck, Temperley’s British Eatery.

“Everyone was wanting us to open a second location, so we’ve gone mobile instead and we will test how busy we get over there,” said Jeff, who opened Eat My Pasty at 280 S. Arnold Road (near the “Y” off State 79) in October 2015. 

Temperley’s British Eatery made its debut June 2 at Heard It On Harrison and will continue to make monthly appearances at the Downtown event. 

“It started at 6 and we didn’t stop till 10 — a steady line,” Jeff said. “We didn’t do pasties the first night, because we only got the truck up at midnight.”

The Temperleys moved to Panama City Beach three years ago from Colchester, England, where pasties have long been a tradition. Pasties, pronounced “pass-tee,” are small meat pies with a thick crust created as far back as A.D. 1207 and made popular by miners of Cornwall, England, in the 18th century for their heartiness and convenience.

“We make between 500 and 800 a week,” said Jeff, who freezes the pasties until he needs them and ships them to customers across the U.S. through

The British pub serves 15 different pasties (Meat, Spicy, Vegetarian and Sweet varieties), but the food truck is rotating three flavors. Currently the food truck menu includes the popular Traditional Cornish (steak, onions and potatoes), Chicken Pot Pie and Cheese, and Potato and Onion.

“We are selling most of our menu on the truck including gourmet burgers, our famous fish ‘n’ chips, Shepherd’s pie, and three flavors of pasties,” said Rachel Pigue, marketing coordinator, who added salads also are being included on the truck at lunch venues. “We are filling our schedule now!”

On June 8, the food truck will head to the opening of the Panama City Beach Concert Series at Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater, where it will set up weekly from 7-9 p.m. Thursdays through Aug. 10. 

“We’re trying out different venues in places,” said Jeff, who is still looking to add a second stationary location. “Burgers and fish ‘n’ chips are by far the most popular.”

The Fish ‘N’ Chips features Haddock or Cod. Gourmet burgers include the All Day British Breakfast Burger — a brisket and top round blend topped with bacon and egg. For the Frankenstein special, the name came before the recipe. 

“I wanted a burger called Frankenstein, and then I made the rest up,” Jeff said.

The burger patty is a combination of elk, veal and venison and it is served in a bun with lettuce, tomato, breaded mushrooms, sauteed onions and chipotle mayonnaise.